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Insights into our Spring / Summer 2021 collection in our galery.

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Hartwich Katalog Spring Summer 2021

Catalogue SPRING | SUMMER 2021

Hartwich Katalog SPRING|SUMMER 2020

Katalog AUTUMN | WINTER 20/21

Catalogue SPRING | SUMMER 2020

Hartwich Katalog AUTUMN|WINTER 2019 20

Catalogue AUTUMN | WINTER 2019 20

Catalogue Archive

Hartwich Katalog Spring / Summer 2019
Hartwich Katalog Herbst Winter 2018 / 2019

2018 Frühjahr / Sommer

2017 Herbst / Winter

2017 Frühjahr / Sommer

2016/17 Herbst / Winter

2015/2016 Herbst / Winter

2017/18 Herbst/Winter

2015 Frühjahr / Sommer

2014 Herbst / Winter

2014 Frühjahr / Sommer

Hartwich Katalog Fruehjahr Sommer 2012

2012 Frühjahr / Sommer

Men’s designer fashion – Distinctive style for all occasions throughout 2017

The most fascinating thing about HARTWICH is its creativity and originality. HARTWICH Menswear is the premier fashion label for men with character. Men who use what they wear to express who they are. Men who leave mainstream styles to others, instead striking out on their own – in life as in fashion. HARTWICH stands for masterfully striking styles, fine fabrics, and details subtle enough to evade first glance, yet attractive enough to fall in love with for ever. Like their predecessors, the 2017 collections bear the unique personal signature of designer Doris Hartwich and are bound to delight connoisseurs at home and abroad – continuing the success of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections from the past thirty years. Stand-up collar shirt, tailored jacket, waistcoat, coat or leather jacket – these styles all have their own distinctive character unlike any other. But watch out! Once you fall for the fashion of Doris Hartwich, it’s impossible to give up …